At IRP, we have been making merchandising displays since 1983.  We are the designer and the manufacturer so you work with the source and can be assured that what is designed is manufacturable and cost effective Because we make what we sell, there are no middlemen markups so you get more merchandiser for your money.

Made in the USA which means superior quality and reliable, on-time delivery

Because we manufacturer our own displays and because they are all made right here in our facilities in the USA, we maintain control. This means you can be assured of superior quality and dependable delivery.  Both are hallmarks of IRP that we are proud of and recognized for.

Custom design and innovative features set your brand apart.

Another advantage of being designed and manufacturer alike is innovation. We are constantly introducing merchandiser features and designs that enhance sales performance and user experience.  And, we love to work with our customers to develop custom designs that will set their brand apart.

Roto-molded merchandisers are more durable, longer lasting and provide a consistent look and feel

Many of the merchandising displays we make are roto-molded.  We’ve been roto-molding merchandisers for three decades.  Roto-molding is our specialty.  Roto-molding is far more durable so it will last longer and look better in the field over time.  And, the roto-molding process provides a consistent look from one display to the next display so you are assured your brand will always be presented properly.

Cost effective because they last longer, consume much less ice

Look at the corners and edges on an IRP Roto-Tough display in the field and you’ll see few, if any, signs of wear and tear.  That’s the roto-molded advantage.  Extreme durability!  Seamless construction means no weak points to come apart.  And, it means better insulative properties which translates to lower ice consumption costs over time!

Selling hard everywhere, including in some of the most famous venues in America!

Just about anywhere you go, including some of the most famous venues in the country, odds are you’ll find a flurry of activity surrounding a merchandising display designed and manufactured by IRP.  And, whether it was made last month, last year or several years ago, doubtless it is still going strong, looking great and performing flawlessly.

We take care of our customers, one at a time

At IRP we’ve been connecting brands with  consumers since 1983.  Our mission is simple and its unwavering – make the very best merchandising displays possible. And keep our customers coming back for more.