Beverage RotoTough

IRP has been making merchandisers for the beverage world since 1983. We specialize in “RotoTough” displays that give you some significant advantages including durability, longevity and a consistent look from display to display. Seamless construction means no weak points and superior insulation capabilities which, in turn, translates into lower ice costs.


Beverage Fabricated

IRP is versed in manufacturing fabricated merchandising displays for the beverage category that are cost effective and selling effective. The fact that IRP both designs and manufactures assures that you will get a display that will meet your needs.


Beverage Custom

If you can imagine it IRP can make it – and make it so it is captures the imagination of your beverage-consuming customers while also being effective and affordable. We have lots of experience with making displays that “wow” so we can help you arrive at a concept that works on all counts.