Food RotoTough

If you want a food merchandiser that can stand the test of time looking like it did the day it went up, you want an IRP RotoTough display. The roto-molding process assures unmatched durability and consistency from merchandiser to merchandiser. And, RotoTough also looks great so your brand will be well-presented.


Food Fabricated

If it is a fabricated merchandiser that you are looking for to represent your food product, IRP can make it happen. IRP’s breadth of experience in both design and manufacturing assures you will get a display that is both functional and effective.


Food Custom

Living the dream with your food product and looking for a merchandiser that captures the essence of that dream? Then a custom display from IRP is just the ticket. Nobody else has the resources that IRP has when it comes to making a custom merchandiser that will bring your dream to life.