Kiosks & Support


Kiosks/Support RotoTough

An IRP RotoTough kiosk will show off your product and give you the unmatched durability and reliability that the roto-molding process is known for. Roto-molding is an IRP specialty and, because we design and manufacture our displays, you will get more kiosk for your money.


Kiosks Fabricated

IRP will design and manufacture a fabricated kiosk that will display your product to look as good as it can. By acting as both the designer and manufacturer, we bring a synergy that you won’t find elsewhere. And, in the end, you’ll get more display for your money!


Kiosks Custom

Getting noticed and selling product is what it is all about. A custom kiosk from IRP will certainly get noticed and will sell more product as well. IRP has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing kiosks that work.