Camp Randall Stadium

  • Two IRP ICC-1's side by side. Double the brand recognition...double the sales.

  • The world-famous IRP Hawkers. Making money all game long.

  • Our RotoTough™ ICC-1 makes the perfect selling station wherever you need it.

  • Our ICC-1 paired up with our famous RotoTough™ Arctic. Huge pack-out makes for an efficient selling station.

  • The IRP Hawker. Not just for beer and soda!

  • An overhead shot of this powerful selling station. An ICC-1 and three Arctics! You'll never miss a sale.

  • Now THAT'S some holding power!

  • Our Arctic fits in anywhere and may be the hardest working and longest lasting piece of equipment you'll buy for your venue.

  • The Badgers have these stations set up all over the venue. They know what makes the money!